Viking Runic Ring

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Viking Runic Ring

A chunky, Viking ring.
Made by hand, these rings are solid Sterling silver or gold.
The runes can be personalised to send any message you desire, make it yours! What is it you want to say?
Consult the translation tables in the images to arrange the symbols into your preferred message, make a note, then copy and paste the Runic symbols below into the “Delivery notes” box in the checkout.
Delete and rearrange them into your preferred order.
Up to 12 symbols fit nicely around the ring, if you require more (at extra cost), or if you require something extra special, you can request it here <Message Pete>

Anglo Runes

ᛓ  ᚢ  ᚦ  ᚩ  ᚱ  ᚳ  ᚷ  ᚹ  ᚺ  ᚾ
ᛁ  ᛄ  ᛇ  ᛈ  ᛉ  ᛋ  ᛏ  ᛒ  ᛖ  ᛗ
ᛚ  ᛝ  ᛟ  ᛞ  ᚪ  ᚫ  ᚣ  ᛠ  ᛡ  ᛣ
ᛤ  ᚸ  ᛢ  ᛥ


Elder Futhark Alphabet

ᚫ  ᛒ  ᚲ  ᛞ  ᛖ  ᛓ  ᚷ  ᚺ  ᛁ
ᛃ  ᚲ   ᛚ  ᛗ  ᚾ  ᛟ  ᛈ  ᛜ  ᚱ
ᛋ  ᛏ  ᚢ  ᚹ  ᚹ  ᚦ   ᛇ   ᛉ


I’ll make one to order in your size, your width, your metal with your message. Select your preferences from the drop-down menus.

Delivery: 10 working days

Not sure what size you are? Find out here – What’s my ring size?



Made in England

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