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    Arrow Star pendant

    From £127.00

    Sterling silver pendant.

    From religion and spirituality to the realms of the Faeries, the seven-pointed star, or the heptagram stands for creation and perfection.

    My chunky imagining of the heptagram has an arrowhead shooting through it to symbolise strength and vigilance – the perfect accessory for the modern-day warrior.

    This pendant comes complete with a Sterling silver chain or brown leather cord, please pick your preferred length from the menu below.

    Usually dispatched within : 2 working days.

    Weight: 18g

    Dimensions: 3.5cm H x 3.5cm W x 0.5cm D

  • Solid Arrowhead Pendant.

    Solid Arrowhead Pendant

    From £137.00

    The arrowhead has been a part of mankind’s toolbox since time immemorial.

    Symbolic of virtues such as strength, dependability and loyalty, this pendant is fit for any warrior. Designed to serve as a reminder to the wearer to stay true to your path, draw on your strength and never be swayed.

    This solid Sterling silver Arrowhead pendant is finished with a mirror polish and comes with a sturdy chain-link necklace. Choose your preferred length from the drop-down menu.

    Usually dispatched in : 2 working days.

    Weight: 17g (without the chain)

    Dimensions: 4.2cm H x 2.7cm W x 0.4cm D

  • Dragon Tooth Pendant

    From £137.00

    The Dragons Tooth! It’s a mystical beast.

    Symbolic of seeds of strife, which reminds me of a few people I know.

    Not to mention in Greek mythology a Dragons tooth sown in the earth would spring forth a ferocious warrior army… which sounds cool, but of course with this great power comes great responsibility so be sure to give it to the right person. You have been warned.

    This solid Sterling silver Dragons Tooth pendant arrives with either a mirror polish or a satin finish, and a sturdy chain. Choose your preferred finish and chain length from the drop-down menu.

    Usually dispatched in : 2 working days.

    Weight: 20g (without the chain)

    Dimensions: 5.5cm H x 1.5cm W x 1.2cm D