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  • Big Unbroken Heart pendant

    From £297.00

    Love. Lose it, and it can feel like a piece of your heart is missing. But that pain won’t last forever.

    This extra-large unbroken heart pendant, chunky and solid, is the ultimate reminder that broken hearts can mend. They can become unbroken. Embrace optimism and hope – it’s possible to repair a broken heart. And why not do that with gold stitches?

    Wear your unbroken heart on a chain because it’s our scars that make us human, right?

    This sterling silver heart pendant, handmade to order, has polished silver on the large half and 22ct gold vermeil on the other. The two broken pieces are lovingly laced back together with 9ct gold stitches.

    Polished or satin finishes available and a robust sterling silver chain is included. Choose your preferred finish and chain length from the drop-down menu. It’s also possible to engrave initials or a name on to these pendants – contact me for a quote.

    Usually dispatched in : 4 working days.

    Weight:  43g

    Dimensions: 5cm H x 3.5cm W x 1.5cm D