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  • Sterling Silver Eye pendant

    From £144.00

    Sterling Silver Eye pendant.

    Inspired by the particularly beautiful eyes of actress Jennifer Connelly. This Eye pendant is chunky and curvaceous. The reflection in the highly polished concave eye mirrors the world in reverse, so everything is upside down. 

    Usually dispatched in : 2 working days.

    Weight: 18g

    Dimensions: 5cm long

  • Blue Topaz eye pendant in Sterling Silver

    From £177.00

    It has been said that our eyes are the windows to our soul.

    This Sterling silver eye pendant was modelled on the much-loved almond shaped eye – an icon of beauty. Chunky and curvaceous, this eye’s iris is set with a single London Blue Topaz stone – a gem of peace and healing. Legend has it that the blue topaz will protect its wearer from enemies and bring reconciliation.

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    Don’t miss out. This pendant is the ultimate statement of individuality – it’s one of a kind.

    Delivery: 10 working days

    Weight: 18g

    Dimensions: 4cm long


  • Sharp Eye Ring

    From £200.00

    Sterling Silver Ring.

    Inspired by the human eye, this ring is certainly a looker!.. sorry. I felt the need to make this eye more alive, like it’s getting involved with what you’re doing somehow; so I raised it up on an angle. It’s striking design was carved from solid Sterling silver, the centre stone is a 1.5ct Bi-coloured Tourmaline. It colour changes from a deep golden to greeny yellow.

    Delivery: Made to order, please > contact Pete < to have a piece like this made for you.

    Weight: 12.7g

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