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  • Sterling silver Edgy Arrowhead pendant, Alternative, hand made, original jewellery, punk jewellery, rock jewellery, rocker jewellery

    Edgy Arrowhead pendant

    From £154.00

    Proudly displaying a ‘tiger stripe’ design, this hammer-textured arrowhead symbolises strength, vigilance and determination.

    Edgy yet smooth, solid yet defined, this pendant is the perfect accessory for anyone with a stylish wild side.

    It comes with the Sterling silver chain shown in the pictures, pick a length from the menu.

    Usually dispatched in : 2 working days.

    Weight: 18g

    Dimensions: 3.5cm H x 3.2cm W

  • Secret Memory Ring

    From £244.00

    Losing a loved one is perhaps the hardest thing we can go through. Have you?

    If like me you have an undeniable urge to keep that special someone close to you – (My dog and best friend died 25 years ago, I still carry her picture.) I never share that with anyone, it’s just for me.

    This discrete ring is designed around that idea. It was originally inspired by a lady who wanted a way to keep the ashes and the memory of her late husband with her always, without having to explain it to anyone. Maybe for you too It’s a personal thing, not everything has to be shared!

    The rings band is slightly hammer textured and holds a cylinder that contains a small amount of ashes. The one pictured is 2mm wide and is made of Sterling silver with a satin finish. Choose your preferred size, width, metal and finish  from the drop-down menus.

    Usually dispatched in : 7 working days (after receiving the ashes)

    Not sure what size you are? Find out here – What’s my ring size?