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  • Unbroken Memory Heart pendant

    From £285.00

    Love. In all its forms, it causes pain when it leaves us.

    And when it leaves it can feel like a piece of your heart is missing. But that pain won’t last forever.

    Why not keep your loved one close to your heart, in this locket-style memory pendant?

    This Sterling silver unbroken heart memory pendant, chunky and solid, is the ultimate reminder that broken hearts can mend. They can become unbroken. Embrace optimism and hope – it’s possible to fill and repair a broken heart. Place your loved one’s ashes safely inside the heart and have it carefully secured with gold stitches.

    Wear your unbroken heart on a chain because it’s our scars that make us human, right?

    This sterling silver heart pendant is handmade to order. The memory capsule is sealed securely within the heart which is then lovingly stitched back together with 9ct gold stitches.

    Polished or satin finishes available on the small section (or the whole piece if you prefer, an example of the satin finish can be seen on the heart with an Amethyst set into it in the images) …and a robust Sterling silver chain is included. Choose your preferred finish and chain length from the drop-down menu. It’s also possible to engrave initials or a name on to these pendants – contact me for a quote.

    Delivery: Once you have bought the piece through the checkout process, I will contact you with an address to send the ashes to and an up-to-date delivery estimate – it usually takes about a week after receiving the ashes.

    This piece comes complete with the Sterling silver chain or leather cord, pick a preferred length from the menu.

    Weight:  10g (approx)

    Dimensions: 3cm H x 2.2cm W x 0.5cm D (not including chain)

  • Secret Memory Ring

    From £244.00

    Losing a loved one is perhaps the hardest thing we can go through. Have you?

    If like me you have an undeniable urge to keep that special someone close to you – (My dog and best friend died 25 years ago, I still carry her picture.) I never share that with anyone, it’s just for me.

    This discrete ring is designed around that idea. It was originally inspired by a lady who wanted a way to keep the ashes and the memory of her late husband with her always, without having to explain it to anyone. Maybe for you too It’s a personal thing, not everything has to be shared!

    The rings band is slightly hammer textured and holds a cylinder that contains a small amount of ashes. The one pictured is 2mm wide and is made of Sterling silver with a satin finish. Choose your preferred size, width, metal and finish  from the drop-down menus.

    Usually dispatched in : 7 working days (after receiving the ashes)

    Not sure what size you are? Find out here – What’s my ring size?