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  • Sterling Silver Golden Sapphire Triad pendant


    Sterling Silver pendant.

    This strong triangular pendant symbolises femininity and harmony of the mind, body and soul. The fiery orange of a 4ct oval cut golden Sapphire emanating from it’s core. The chain pictured is included… pick a length from the menu below.

    Delivery: Made to order, price variable depending on the gemstone, please ask me for a quote here> Ask Pete

    Weight: 15g

    Dimensions: 3.5cm H x 2.8cm W x 1.2cm D

  • Sterling Silver and Golden Sapphire Thorn Ring


    Sterling Silver ring.

    This 1.3ct Golden Sapphire from Madagascar, is protected by four curved thorns; beauty doesn’t have to be weak or fragile, it can strong and courageous too! This ring can also be made to order in your size; with other gemstones.