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  • Swiss Blue Topaz Light Tear Ring.

    Light Tear Ring

    From £425.00

    This ring is the ultimate statement of individuality.

    A gem of peace and healing, legend has it that the blue topaz will protect its wearer from enemies and bring reconciliation.

    The shape of this stone represents emotion, cradled delicately yet securely in a Sterling silver or gold ring designed specifically to show the stunning stone to its best advantage.

    A November birthstone and the gem of a 16th wedding anniversary, there’s always a special occasion to dig out the topaz.

    Every stone is different, every ring is made for the stone, so you will always have the original. A true one of a kind.

    The Gold and Ruby ring in the images is an example of what the 18ct gold looks like. Other stones are available on request.

    Usually dispatched in : 7 days.

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  • Blue Topaz Tear Drop Ring


    Combine straight, geometric lines and smooth curves around this hexagonal design, and you have the perfect home for a stunning pear cut Swiss Blue Topaz gemstone.

    Set in Sterling silver, this ring has an elegant individuality, befitting your special someone.

    Weight: Approx 10.2g

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  • Sterling Silver and Peridot Tear Ring


    Sterling Silver Ring.

    A tear of envy will be shed by those coveting this beauty. This bold hexagonal design encapsulates a 3.3ct pear cut Himalayan Peridot. Each ring is custom made for the gemstone, this means that the ring I make for you will be different from the ring in the photographs, I will of course try replicate it as closely as possible. I am also happy to accommodate your style preferences, such as band width, setting and general ‘chunkyness’. If you contact me I should be able to send you photographs of the gemstone to be used in your version of this ring before you buy along with a quote. Other gemstones available with this design include; Topaz; Tanzanite; Amethyst; Emerald; Sapphire; moonstone; Opal to name a few… basically if I can source a big beautiful pear cut stone then it can be set into this ring. Synthetic stones including man made Diamond can also be used if you prefer. The price stated is just a guide, the final price will be based on the stone and variations you choose. What i can say with certainty is your ring will be totally unique and it will be amazing!

    Delivery: Custom made to order, price variable depending on the gemstone, please ask me for a quote here> Ask Pete

    Weight: Approx 14.7g

    Not sure what size you are? find out here – What’s my ring size?