Project: Ladybird

Lisa’s Ladybird Locket.

Took nearly 6 months to complete. I suppose you could call it a memorial locket. It was built to accommodate the ashes of my clients late and much loved grannie. The head has been hollowed out to contain the ashes then resealed, the spots are Onyx gemstones; the wing casings conceal photographs and are spring loaded; the inner wings rotate and unfold to reveal a personalised inscription and from under a second engraved plate the legs can be deployed to stand the ladybird up or retracted to allow the locket to be worn around the neck. Thanks to the axles connecting each pair of legs and their working knees.
It has 4 axles, 2 riveted catches and 14 assorted hinges and rotating joints, all made entirely of sterling silver (apart from the springs which are steel)… I’m sending instructions with it in the form of a video.
Will be very strange sending this one out, it’s like a part of me now, I know it’s going to a good home though.


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