unbroken heart pendant, Amethyst Unbroken Memory Heart

Project: Unbroken Memory Heart

Unbroken Memory Heart

The Unbroken Heart pendant has been very popular, the concept struck a chord with many recovering ‘brokenheartists’ (made up a new word!). Perhaps a heart that has been broken apart and quite unceremoniously stitched back together is a true representation of what life and love can be like!

The visual impact cuts through a lot of the BS that usually goes hand in hand with the typical ‘heart’ (btw… typical BS Hearts available in the shop now! :D)

unbroken heart pendant, Amethyst Unbroken Memory Heart

This isn’t just a gift, it’s a talisman that marks the end of the struggle.

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  1. I love this piece. The craftsmanship and artistry is beautiful in all your work.
    Could you replicate this or create something just for me? Do you ship to Canada?

  2. Hi Frances,
    Thanks very much!
    I do ship to Canada and yes I can make you an Unbroken Heart like this. I am crazy busy these days so please give me a few days to email you about it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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